Falling into Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass

As I child, I hated Alice in Wonderland, I remember having nightmares after watching the film and couldn’t bring myself to read the books. It just combined my worst fears, not being able to go home, abducted by strangers who were prone to explosive rants and selfish behaviour and a grinning cat.

Life is surprising, getting older has helped me develop a new found appreciation for things I once avoided; green olives, avocados, people and of course the Alice in Wonderland books. I devoured ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, the sequel ‘Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There’ and have yet to read a book that so accurately describes my thoughts on the future and what it may hold for me. Continue reading “Falling into Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass”


Recruit number 390| National Blog Posting Month Begins.


Pleased to meet you again,  I know it’s been a long time since we talked and honestly I’ve been avoiding you a little.

You understand right, waking up with the best intentions to publish a post or edit a draft and somehow life gets in the way. The endless chores – I feel like I spent the majority of the day at the sink,washing, rinse repeat and yet the dishes are never-ending. Or chasing up bills, decluttering and working,relaxing with family, friends then the day is over. Sorry, it’s not intentional but I promise I will change and get posting again.

I’ve made a start by signing up to NaBloPoMo~ National Blog Posting Month and now there’s no going back. National Blog Posting Month is a writing exercise where bloggers are challenged to post daily for the entire month, it is a great way to practise writing and get to know other amazing creators. The beauty of the challenge is there is no word limit, and you can use anything as inspiration for your daily post. I’m looking forward to branching out and experiementing with different formats, word lengths, topics that I’m interested but haven’t mentioned before on this blog. For anyone interested registaration is still open here until November the fifth and  you can check up all of the other victims bloggers that have entered.

In additon to this, I’ve also signed up to the Daily Post Blogging University Course ~Blogging 101 which starts tomorrow, it is daunting to think I will be posting every day this month but I’m confident I can rise to the challenge!

Honestly, I can’t quite work out how I feel  or what exactly I will write about, I’m a novice so I would appreciate any advice from more experienced bloggers. Is this your first writing challenge, if not what tips can you give me? I’d love to hear from you.

Please go easy on me November, darling.

Day 1 is over and I’m a wreck already, I’d like my sanity if possible to remain intact for the rest of the month.

Signing off for today, see you tomorrow.


On the 30th of January, I went to see the play Mojo and it was a brilliant performance. I had already seen the play in December but I wanted to watch it again to catch any dialogue I had missed the first time round. I was completely absorbed in the storyline and mesmerised by the characters on stage and even after the play had ended I still felt shocked as if I had grabbed onto a live wire.  The play was  set in the late 50’s and the aggression, the electric rock ‘n’ roll vibe was evident from  Silver Johnny [Tom Rhys Harries] in the very first scene,  his feverish almost manic dancing showcased the wildness and thrill of rock music which was sparking a riot across the world. As the heavy bass pounded and the electric guitar hissed through the speakers in the dark, it was as if a match was struck and the audience came alive.

The play centred around the fact that Silver Johnny, after a night at the club was kidnapped by local gangster Sam Ross  and that the owner of the club – Baby‘s father, Ezra had been murdered in the process. Silver Johnny – the moniker given to him because of his silver jacket and trousers is  the club’s hottest new thing and destined to make a break in the state hence the reason why Sam Ross is interested in the young man, to make money.   The  play is about how the club staff Potts [ Daniel Mays], Sweets [ Rupert Grint], Skinny [Colin Morgan], Baby [Ben Whishaw] and Mickey [Brendan Coyle] come to terms with Ezra’s sudden death  and prepare for what is their last night armed with an ancient cutlass and an old Derringer. Continue reading “Mojo”