theatre quote

Yesterday, people all over the world were getting involved in Love Theatre Day, sharing what theatre means for them and why they love it so much. It was a fantastic way to get a glimpse of the immense hard work that goes on backstage and highlight the heroes that deserve a standing ovation too. If you missed out, you can still relieve the experience by checking out twitter, using the hashtag #lovetheatreday. My stand out highlight is from the Les Misérables broadway team, a beautiful montage of the cast from the last 30 years. Enjoy

If you wish  to carry on the celebration, how about attending Theatre Craft 2015 tomorrow at the Royal Opera House. A wonderful chance to look inside the royal opera house and talk to the experts in this industry, there is a wealth of information for young people interested in the arts regardless of what you study at the moment. Register here and get involved!

What does theatre mean to you? I love how easily I get  lost in another world and come out feeling moved and changed for the better. Simply Magical. Luckily Mr Kingsley sums it up pretty well and  in the aftermath of some horrific events, it’s wonderful to see people come together and enjoy theatre.

This amazing illustration is courtesy of Treepress, an organisation that prides itself on providing plays from all over the world online. This particular quote was produced in honour of Love Theatre Day and you can get your hands on a delighful bundle here for free.



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