Blogging 101| Figuring It Out

This post has been very hard to write but I’m glad I got the chance to do it. I started this blog almost two years ago and I still haven’t really touched the surface of what I want to do or what is possible on this platform. It’s hard to say what has stopped me from doing this before, bad timing or just feeling scared to put myself out there and be exposed.

Originally I wanted to share my experiences of going to the theatre; the shows that have made me cry hysterically and then laugh until my voice is hoarse. I’ve been looking over the posts I have published this morning and the incomplete posts in my drafts folder; it’s crazy to think I wrote a post every month last year. Sometimes three times a month and still didn’t publish it. That’s what I regret the most, missing the chance to post or discuss something I really liked and enjoyed.

From re-reading those posts today, I realised that the majority were boring, no matter how many jokes I tried to include, the entire piece just didn’t read well. The common theme was that I didn’t feel anything from watching those plays or productions, they were neither bad or good and I’m struggling with how i can comment on shows that I just didn’t have an opinion on. I suppose that is what makes reviewing certain shows difficult, the productions where I couldn’t engage with the story but weren’t awful enough to avoid.

Such a contrast to how I felt after going to the theatre for the first time;  my friend had invited a group of us to see the musical Billy Elliot for her birthday and I loved it. It was magical to watch it live and see the cast leaping, singing, dancing away on stage and I was lost in the story within minutes. Since then, I’ve continued to learn more and experience different types of art on stage from Ballet, to Opera, contempary plays, musicals etc. It’s wonderful to see such passion and heart on stage and I’ve always came away feeling excited and bowled over with the plot and calibre of acting, the effort spent behind the scenes.

I walk away after most performances feeling utterly spent and feeling like you’ve witnessed something extraordinary,  it’s lovely to see hundreds of people united  because of their passion  for the arts and drama. That’s why I love theatre and started this blog, I really hope sharing my experiences can encourage others to attend and  take a chance on  something different.

Moving Forward: 

I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting involved in discussions as well as experimenting with new ideas for my blog.I don’t just want to focus on theatre or dramas, I’d love to review the books I have read, share more about my culture and traditions as I continue blogging on this platform. It will be quite a journey but I’m excited to get stuck in and start writing again, I missed it a lot .

Thank you for reaching this far, good luck to all challengers! Would really appreciate guidence on what to improve or any general advice and I’m very pleased to meet other people that are passionate about writing.

Thanks again



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