1984 Returns

Following a tremendous run last year,  the Headlong production of 1984 returns to the Playhouse theatre for a limited time so hurry and get tickets to watch!  I am delighted the play has returned and since as I missed out on a chance to go  last year , I’m already planning to go in the next week or so!

I’m intrigued to find out how George Orwell’s novel 1984 will play out on stage and whether the play will be modernised  or revamped to make it fresh and exciting to those familiar to the novel and numerous film adaptations.

The novel 1984, centers around Winston Smith an Outer Party member who works in the Ministry of Truth altering documents to match the party’s everchanging mind. Winston is disillusioned by the hold of the party and the constant survellience pushes him to rebel against the regime by starting a diary in which he condems Insgoc, Big Brother. This adaptation by 1984 created by Robert Icke and Duncun Macmillan uses Winston’s diary that has been discovered by historians as a tool to frame the plot and throughout the play, the historians try to determine if this discovery is a reflection of the past or a work of fiction.

The production runs until 5th September at the PlayHouse Theatre,  starring Sam Crane as Winston Smith, Tim Dutton as the character O’Brian and Hara Yannas as Winston’s lover Julia.


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