Draft, drafts….

Calling all bloggers, tell me please. How long do you spend writing the same post, over and over again. Don’t you feel tired?

Trying to make something sound interesting and then grammatically correct and then inputting your own voice is just so tiring. This post, is one I haven’t edited. So you can see how shit I do write without editing.

I seem to spend two weeks writing the same thing over and over again, deleting whole pages because it is too long or too boring or tooo something. . I’m tired of looking at the same page everyday, trying to reach that level of perfection which doesn’t exist. After I finally post the updated for the hundredth time post, I’m still not satisfied. I get goosebumps all over my body, just reading the catastrophically horrid sentences that I thought were cool the first time around..

Am I doomed to face this every time I write? Is there a cure to this After post feeling?ย  A part of my mind understands that the more I write, good or bad I will get better with practise. And that all of these posts will help me determine my style of writing, and someday I hope I will write a post and feel 100% satisfied.ย  Until then, I have got to suck it up and unleash my thoughts onto the internet. Quite a frightening prospect…

I guess I have got to stop editing for months, and just write freely in order to become a better writer…

Well this post took me 10 minutes , don’t think I will be able to explain my feelings any better even if I had a day or a month, or a year. Probably will regret it later. I feel relieved, surprising isn’t it? How refreshing to just blurt your thoughts onto the page, without worrying about ”too many ands or buts”, or anything! I recommend the no editing post- such fun!


3 thoughts on “Draft, drafts….

  1. Hey Ayan,

    Seems like you don’t get lost only in theatre but also with words… Anyway, I’m not that experienced with blogging than you but don’t worry about edits and re-works.. That happens always..

    Just go with your instincts… You don’t have to be perfectionist to express your feelings ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Aruna for taking to time to respond! No, I’m not experienced at all so any advice is very welcome!
      Exactly,I’ve got to remember that more often! ๐Ÿ™‚

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