On the 30th of January, I went to see the play Mojo and it was a brilliant performance. I had already seen the play in December but I wanted to watch it again to catch any dialogue I had missed the first time round. I was completely absorbed in the storyline and mesmerised by the characters on stage and even after the play had ended I still felt shocked as if I had grabbed onto a live wire.  The play was  set in the late 50’s and the aggression, the electric rock ‘n’ roll vibe was evident from  Silver Johnny [Tom Rhys Harries] in the very first scene,  his feverish almost manic dancing showcased the wildness and thrill of rock music which was sparking a riot across the world. As the heavy bass pounded and the electric guitar hissed through the speakers in the dark, it was as if a match was struck and the audience came alive.

The play centred around the fact that Silver Johnny, after a night at the club was kidnapped by local gangster Sam Ross  and that the owner of the club – Baby‘s father, Ezra had been murdered in the process. Silver Johnny – the moniker given to him because of his silver jacket and trousers is  the club’s hottest new thing and destined to make a break in the state hence the reason why Sam Ross is interested in the young man, to make money.   The  play is about how the club staff Potts [ Daniel Mays], Sweets [ Rupert Grint], Skinny [Colin Morgan], Baby [Ben Whishaw] and Mickey [Brendan Coyle] come to terms with Ezra’s sudden death  and prepare for what is their last night armed with an ancient cutlass and an old Derringer. Continue reading “Mojo”